Swedish Organic Food Market 2019 - Ekoweb - Single user (O)

Swedish Organic Food Market 2019 - Ekoweb - Single user (O)

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This report is the most comprehensive report for the organic food market in Sweden. This is the 12th annual edition. The report is released in January 2020 and covers the financial year 2019.

Table of content
Part 1: Development and current situation
1. Swedish market for organic food 2019
1.1 Grocery retail
1.2 Sales in other channels
1.3 Alcoholic beverages
1.4 Foodservice; hotels, restaurants and public sector
1.5 E-commerce: rapid sales increase
1.6 Organic certifications - KRAV and EU-organic
1.7 Export market for organic and KRAV-labelled products from Sweden
2. Danish organic market
3. Global organic market
3.1 USA and Australia
3.2 Europe
3.3 Russia and China
4. Swedish organic produce and commodities
Part 2: Forecasts & Trends
5. Forecast Organic Food Market
5.1 Forecast Swedish Organic Market 2020 and 2029

This report is made available to you as a single user, with the following restrictions: you are free to use the information in the public domain as long as the report is quoted as a source. You may NOT distribute the report to anyone else. You may make a low number of copies of graphics, pictures, tables or similar items from the report for your use use in the public domain such as in presentations, prints, on websites or otherwise. However, if you do, be sure to indicate this report as a source in such pictures. If you need to use the reports content in other ways than described, you need the written consent of Moreganic® Sourcing AB.