Swedish Organic Food Market 2018 - Ekoweb - Single user
Swedish Organic Food Market 2018 - Ekoweb - Single user

Swedish Organic Food Market 2018 - Ekoweb - Single user

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This report is the most comprehensive report for the organic food market in Sweden. This is the 11th annual edition. It was released in January 2019 and covers the financial year 2018.

The Swedish market for organic food is one of the most developed organic markets in the world. 9.6 % of all food sold in Sweden is certified organic, which makes this market exceptionally interesting. Organic food is part of the regular grocery retailing, with each of the dominating retail chains having thousands of organic SKUs, distributed across all categories.

Organic food in Sweden is also doing well in food service and exceptionally well in the public sector; more than 33% of all food bought in public procurement was certified organic in 2018! Learn how municipalities across Sweden serve delicious hot organic meals to thousands of school kids every work day, AND stay within budget.

The alcohol retail monopoly Systembolaget has seen a surge in sales of organic products the last few years. In 2018, 22% of red wines sold in Systembolaget were certified organic.

This report also covers other interesting organic markets such as Denmark, USA and the Baltic countries.

The report will give you the most up to date and comprehensive information on all aspects of the organic food market in Sweden; agriculture, processing, retail, food service and shopper attitudes. EkoWeb particularly goes into detail of sales in the retail channel and examines market shares, dominating products and categories, strategies of the retailers and the attitudes of the organic shopper.

As this was not good enough - the report includes the most initiated market forecast for the Swedish market for organic foods in 2019 and in 2029!

Table of content

1. Swedish market 2018
1.1 Grocery retail1.2 Sales in other retail channels1.3 Alcoholic beverages1.4 Food service; hotels, restaurants and public sector1.5 E-commerce: rapid sales increase1.6 Organic certifications - KRAV and EU-organic1. 7 Export market for organic and KRAV-labelled products from Sweden.


2. The Danish market

3. Global market
3.1 USA and Australia
3.2 Europe
3.3 Russia and China

4. Swedish organic produce and commodities

5. Forecast organic food market
5.1 Forecast Swedish Organic Food Market 2018 and 2028


EkoWeb is the leading market analyst for the market of organic food in Sweden. The company has been covering the organic food market for more than 20 years.


Report facts

Published: 31 January 2019

Latest update: 31 January 2019

Author: EkoWeb, www.ekoweb.nu

Number of pages: 67


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