Baltic Organic Market Report v 1.0 - 2018 - Morganic Sourcing
Baltic Organic Market Report v 1.0 - 2018 - Morganic Sourcing

Baltic Organic Market Report v 1.0 - 2018 - Morganic Sourcing

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Welcome to this Baltic organic market report 2018/2019!

We were getting signals about things going on in the organic market in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Seemingly, exports were already doing well, but now there were also signs that consumption was pick- ing up. So, we got curious. We found some information from IFOAM/FIBL:s annual report but we wanted more. We needed to know more about the current dynamics and consumer behaviors, the range of products and to get an overview of the organic market.

It turned out that our friends, the organizers of the Nordic Organic Food Fair and the editors at Natural Products Global also wanted to know more about this region. We decided to collect information about the organic market, an overview on how it works in the organic sector and the consumer behaviors. Both in figures but also through actually going there ourselves, meeting the people in the organic sector, visiting the stores and listen to the industry. Just to get a picture of whats going on and how the future of organic will develop. We found out there is a lot going on in the Baltic organic market.

For the statistics up to and including 2017 we have generally used open sources like Eurostat, World Bank, FiBL/IFOAM:s ”The World of Organic Agriculture 2018” and national statistics offices databases. To some extent we have also been able to collect data for 2018 from these sources. The basic national statistics aim to provide the foreign reader with a brief grasp of the general situation in these markets.


This report is the intellectual property of Moreganic® Sourcing AB, Sweden. Copying, scanning and distributing the full report is not allowed. You can use the information in this report after purchase, as long as you make a proper reference to the source. Published: 2018-11-14 Version: 1.0