The Organic Trend Report 2020 - Ekologiska trendrapporten 2020 - Organic Sweden - Free download
The Organic Trend Report 2020 - Ekologiska trendrapporten 2020 - Organic Sweden - Free download
The Organic Trend Report 2020 - Ekologiska trendrapporten 2020 - Organic Sweden - Free download

The Organic Trend Report 2020 - Ekologiska trendrapporten 2020 - Organic Sweden - Free download

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”The Organic Trend Report 2020 - The New Local” looks at trends among Swedish consumers and organic manufacturers as the market is rebounding from the impact of the pandemic. The reader will get a better understanding on what drivers make more consumers choose ’local’ as a reaction to the crisis. There are four major drivers identified in the report, supported by ten cases. The report also contains interviews with senior experts.

”The Organic Trend Report 2020 - The New Local” finds that a number of events have led to a rapidly increased interest in local food. There has been an ongoing development with more concepts for direct delivery, increased quality and various new channels. Two events; the drought in 2018 and the struggle for small businesses to survive the corona pandemic have made more consumers take action in their shopping.

Four underlying trends are identified:
  • Following food scams in the early 2010’s, the informed shoppers prefer food with clear and verifiable origin.
  • The climate crisis IS seeping into the awareness of the shopper. It converts to an increased focus on transports.
  • The drought in 2018, and the threat if interrupted trade in 2020 has made many shoppers aware that Sweden is not self sufficient for food, and that storages will not last long. This makes them want to support the internal production for food security reasons.
  • As cheap branded food is flooding the market, there is a reaction looking for food with very clear identity. This reaction also translates to getting back in touch with the farmer.

The report provides cases on all these trends or drivers, mentioning among others: ”Nordisk Råvara” that produces dry peas and other legumes of local varieties, ”Bramley’s” apple juices, Väddö Gårdsmejeri and their local alternative to halloumi: ”Fire Cheese”. You will also find producers that use clear identity for the export market. For example Almnäs Bruk with their hard, Swiss style cheeses Almnäs Tegel, Wrångebäck, Anno 1225 and Almnäs 1 liter.

The report further contains interviews with Rebecka Milestad, assistant professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, who focuses her research on organic agriculture and local food systems. Another interview is with Sébastien Boudet, high profile sourdough baker and chef in Stockholm.

Who should read this report?
This report is interesting to anyone that needs to understand trends and drivers among the most conscious consumers in Sweden. If Swedish is not your first language, you may want to consider using any online tool for translation. The report is useful if you are:
Marketing organic products in Sweden
Investigating possibilities of entering the Swedish food market with USP’s relating to sustainability.
Interested in the dynamics of a market with a high share if organic sales.

Table of contents
1. About this report
2. The return of the local food!
3. Four trends that drives the growth of local food.
4. Cases - the companies behind ”The New Local”
5. Interviews with Rebecka Milestad, researcher at KTH and Sébastien Boudet, master maker and chef.

Technical information

First published              2020-08-05

Latest update               2020-08-25

Format                          PDF

Number of pages        32

Language                    Swedish

Author                         Organic Sweden,

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This product is free to download and distribute. When using this report as a source, please attribute Organic Sweden as author.
Suggested attribution: ”Ekologiska Trendrapporten 2020 - Det nya lokala. Organic Sweden, 2020.”